Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The fireworks of life

Blessings everyone,

I am so growing in leaps and bounds. Today I am using the 5th principle of "Bringers of the Light" by Neale Donald Walsch as my intention and research project. The principle: Beingness becomes form. In fact the definition of God here is: God is beingness becoming form.

This is so amazing also because it fits into the new book by Gregg Braden "Spontaneous Healing of Belief". He teaches the reality of our lives is rearranged in the presence of love based "belief waves" shaping the quantum stuff that everything is made of.

So today I am fireworks, powerful passion, love beyond love, exploding joy and fun. I am practicing "being" these qualities and emotions and observing my outer and inner experiences as "being" these qualities manifest. The new quantum sciences say that will reshape the quantum stuff of the physical world into what I am "being". Since it is new to me about "being" these qualities etc. I am asking Spirit to show me the way. Life research is so much fun.

I am now taking Mamagenas School of Womanly Arts and growing exponentially and loving the expansion so much. I am clearing and reprogramming leftover relationship patterns from childhood with myself and husband. I am so excited to be feeling such phenomenal freedom. Also reading the book "The game of life for women". Amazingly simple, it works.

I just viewed the movie "Dangerous Beauty". Wow!!! For me it was so much about learning the Divine's passion, sensuality, and joy in loving us and itself/herself/himself. I was on fire with explosive passion and exuberant openness to life at the end of the movie. It seems to me we have boxed ourselves in to a life that needs drama to be exciting when if we dropped boundaries about who we can love and how we can love life would unfold with a power of exuberance and explosiveness far beyond drama.

Namaste to all of you out there in the ethers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Dec. 11, 2007

Blessings Everyone,

"You can "dance" with the illusions of time and space choosing your "steps" based upon things and events as they now are, or you can dance with your dreams, choosing your "steps" based upon things and events as they will be.

And I bet you can guess which steps will perpetuate today's illusions, and which ones will change everything..." (this is today's inspiration from

Wow!! It sure has been along time since I have posted here. My life is so full and journaling is my most favorite thing to do. Although I would be more motivated to journal here is I knew someone was at least reading and inspired here.

I can tell you that my last few months I have lived "dancing" with life as if every moment I am responsible to discover and receive the joy and gifts in that moment. I "dance" with the intention, attitude and energy that EVERYTHING is brand new each and every moment of life. Life has become an abundant mystery of surprises of breath pulsing emblazoned light into each moment.

My husband fell and broke his hip (while we were in extreme delight chasing each other around our kitchen center island). It was a non-displaced fracture so it had to heal without surgery or a cast. He could not use his leg for six weeks. He is now in physical therapy to bring the use of his leg back to normal and beyond!! Although seeing him in so much pain and discomfort has been excruciating for me, this is an extrememly precious time in our lives. We have found fun,joy ,laughter and deep connection in this journey together. People have even come up to us and said "I am humbled in your (Rick and me) presence. I am learning in even deeper ways that what I dance with today creates my life tomorrow.

Then we decided to move from our two story condo into a single family, one floor home. The search began and I learned a lot about myself in that journey. On Jan. 5th we are moving into the exact home we asked for with even a little more than we asked. Yes, Spirit is so amazing in this dance of life.

I ask myself almost every day "What is truly life? Who am I really?" The ongoing answers to these questions give me direction for each day. I invite you to ask yourself these questions as you prepare for CHristmas and regroup for the New Year.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Choosing conscious evolution

Blessings everyone,

James Martin says in "The Meaning of the 21st Century"

"This change from nature-based evolution to human-based evolution is, by far, the largest change to occur since the first single-cell life appeared…. When it first happens on a planet, it is probably dangerous. The creatures that take evolution into their own hands have no experience in the game…. Now that we are in charge of evolution, we need to learn the rules. Nature’s evolution experiments, constantly trying new things. We humans are a new type of experiment -- a young species, still adolescent and playing with fire. Unlike migrating swallows or foraging ants, we are not biologically programmed to know what to do. Instead we are an experiment in free choice. This gives us enormous potential. We will spur evolution of the technology and management capability to exercise that free choice on the grandest scale."

Actually it should say the change from nature-based evolution to human-nature partnering based conscious evolution in the first quote sentence above. This change is phenomenal. When I take in that this is the largest change to occur since the first single-cell life appeared it changes my whole perception-depth understanding of how important it is for me to actually "be" the conscious change in how I live.

Studying the Mayan calendar code puts even more meaning and importance into this change. We are in the fifth day of the Mayan calendar where we get the gift to move into the next cycle which will sometime around Oct. 2011. This amazing gifts and maybe gifts to come will give us what we need to survive marvelously into the next cycle. So everyone, it is important and mandatory to our survival to live the life of conscious co-creation between nature and humans from a higher dimension than the third dimension.

I also got a brand new understanding of perfection this week. I always thought if something was perfect it meant it couldn't get any better and I had to live with it whether I liked it or not. So when people put me into the belief that everything is perfect exactly the way it is, I thought that meant I/he/she/it had to stay that way and NOT to change it. Now I realize that literally everything is perfect. So I just pick the perfect I choose to live with or in. That also means there is no judgment, blaming, criticism, rejection. YOu just leave one perfect for another of your choice. This kind of choosing puts you into another dimension and the results are even different than choosing from the third dimension which would be choosing from judgment, blaming, victimization etc. It is a huge freedom for me. It also brings me much more fun and joy filled results.

Spirit, Florida, my friend and I along with a huge composite of attendance co-created the most amazing movement into the embrace of ascension. I got asked by Spirit this morning to use the key I received as a gift last week in meditation. So I just followed instructions and "the key" opened up all the Florida keys to release their encodements for the ascension into the waters to be activated all over the world and bring the planet into the embrace of the "emblazonment of light".

I live an amazing life and this week laid itself in such fun, joy, empowerment, love and abundance I am more amazed and awed. Then I found out that today is also Amma's birthday (Amma and Bhagavan are the co-creators of the Oneness movement). She dedicated the day to a special energetic blessing of light for the planet. So she and I (and all involved)were working together.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

back in Florida

Blessings everyone,

My trip to CT was very eventful. A huge amount of clearing, connection with my family, receiving my home with open arms, playing with my grandchildren and some shocking surprises. I took my grandson to see the movie Transformers thinking I wasn't going to like it. Surprise! I really loved it.

I really enjoyed Harry Potter with my womanfriend I do all the meditations for the planet with. She also did a clearing for my daughter which I was a part of. So much clearing I was physically not feeling well for about four days. But my granddaughter is evidencing being clear of life threatening allergies. During part of the process I was asking her if she was a munchkin and she said "NO" shaking her head. I ask her is she was a Katie (which is her name) and she shook her head while saying "No" again. I asked her if she was an angel and she looked up at me with brilliant blue eyes and said "YESSS" with a voluminous smile. I guess she knows who she is:)

I made a collage of what I want for my life from a poster of the Kamadon Temple Melchizedek level Three that I teach. I thought it would take me a week to do a post on creating my life until I found the poster on top of all my arts stuff in my office closet. When I saw the poster I was thrilled to recognize it as my choice for my life. It only took me an hour to make the collage. The Kamadon Temple is the etheric ascension temple for humanity. It has 33 levels and each of those has 33 levels and this goes on into infinity. It is surrounded by water and dolphins. So now my life is being created from this amazing temple of love and ascension.

Now I am so extremely happy to be back in Florida. I love it here with my husband. My life is lots of fun. I am making amazing new friends that are great fun. I met this wonderful artist at a mango festival. We bought one of her flamingo pictures and when we picked it up we connected so powerfully that she invited me to speak at her women's spirituality group. I will be speaking on the marriage of ego and essence and using meditation to raise the planetary vibrations.

Ever since I stepped off the plane back here in Florida my health has been improving again. Life for me here is gentler, freer, more fun, lighter and blissful. Rick and I are re-creating our relationship in the energy of fun. When we got back to the house beautiful flowers greeted me with flowing energies of hugs and kisses and celebration from him. They are still brilliantly beautiful.

Today Ahlam and I celebrated her birthday on the phone and she called me into activating on a more focused intention a special Florida Key. In the past few weeks we activated all of the Florida Keys for the ascension process and today got direction from Spirit to activate Islamorada "purple Island" specifically for the clearing of all the homes on the planet - clearing for safety and things in the night that hide and circumstances, people and things that shit on our homes in the dark and then slink off into the night hiding. Islamorada is the Florida ascension key for home bliss, safety, freedom, love and a clean slate physically, spiritually and mentally.

I am always available for speaking, coaching, teleclasses, soul songs, facilitating Melchizedek Method, guiding Gateway coarses, and meditations personal and for the planet. 305-230-6338.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th Independence Day

Blessings everyone,

It is always so wonderful for me to celebrate our Independence Day!!! I love reminding myself of how blessed we are here in the USA. I know we aren't perfect, but I also know I love being an American and what we have co-created here. I love focusing on our freedoms. I love celebrating us and our country. Noticing what we love and would like to continue to experience is a very powerful way of continuing to create just that. Most everyone has seen the movie "The Secret" by now and understands how incredibly important it is to focus on what we love and choose to have in our lives. Feeling it, like I do on the 4th, and being grateful for having it (whether you already have it or not)is another key. 4th of July gives me all those steps in real life with lots of other people connected to the same vibrations.

Tuesday and Wednesday this week we were without electricity. When the temperatures are in the high 90's that is torture without air conditioning, no cooking, refrigerator and freezer thawing out. I learned a lot about appreciating electricity and appreciating the ingenuity and creativity of doing without and yet being with at the same time. Being with the ability to survice with grace during a crisis. I now have learned not to keep alot in our freezer, how to open the garage door without the automatic door opener, how to cook with charcoal grill, have different types of phones and go to Ruby Tuesday's because they will give you free salad bar when they have no electricity:). Here in hurricane country where we have huge, powerful thunderstorms every afternoon, these things are extremely important. Now we have our own tool kit, flash lights, charcoal grill w/charcoal, cell phone and landline phone, and gratitude and appreciation for myself and others as we live through life on a different level than the usual day to day.

The being with I am talking about in the above paragraph is being with the Divine and center of myself in the NOW. Everything is available in the NOW moment, nothing is missing. I even got into the thoughts that the Divine is really the electricity we have figured out how to use to serve ourselves. How can I access this electricity just by asking? Maybe there is a way to use electricity if I can access the truth of being connected completely to the ONE! I would never have had those thoughts and practiced allowing myself the concept and the beliefs. I am another step closer to living life from the wild side - my essence self :)

Our 4th was a fabulous celebration with about 3,000 people here at our sports stadium. The live band on stage was wonderful and so much fun! We all sat in the stadium seats and watched the best fireworks I have ever seen with live singing on the loud speakers from the stadium. It was awesome!! Earlier in the day there was rides and games, food from local restaurants, booths of arts and businesses and tourism in the area and the energy of wonderful people all around. I am so grateful for the experience and the joy inside.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Florida Adventures

Blessings everyone,

I am now living in beautiful sunny Florida. What an amazing experience so far. Rick picked me up at the airport Sat. June 2 and we had an exciting reunion together. We are both so happy to be together. The last month has been quite an adventure. First no job, then two jobs to pick from - we picked Florida. Then Rick left to drive down to Florida while I stayed in CT and got everything ready for our home to be empty for quite awhile. I proceeded to Pennsylvania for a fabulous family reunion, spent a lot of time visiting my Dad in his alzheimer's home and enjoying the rest of my family for a week. I was living in the lap of luxury in my brother's brand new 5000 sq. ft. home overlooking a beautiful valley. Miraculous breakthrough's happening all week with my family:)

Rick picked out a beautiful condo on a lake here in Homestead. We even have a resident alligator in our lake which is our back yard. I love it here so far. We have a large beautiful pool too. WE spent this weekend exploring Key Largo. Went on a fabulous glass bottom boat trip. Our guide said it was the best trip he had ever been on. We saw dolpins, sea turtles, barracuda, tarpon, lobsters, sharks, large numbers of reef fish of all colors and shapes, and many kinds of corals.

I am here blessing, honoring, appreciating and calling forth the true glory of Florida to raise vibrations into an ascension level. Florida is a huge energy vortex that is important to our planet's ascension process. It seems to have forgotten its importance, magnificence and the truth of its very essence. I am honored to be here connecting in with her space of Oneness.

I got a little down this morning as my husband went back to work and I"m here knowing no one and not connected to any spirit like minded people here. I'm choosing to get connected with clients down here and continue my business in some amazing ways. Choosing to vibrate at the frequencies needed to attract miraculous, magnificent, inspiring clients and situations which pay immensely with gratitude.

Anyone looking for a spiritual life coach or Qigong healing with a Goddess who is walking her talk? Call me I"m waiting for you:)585-563-2245.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A new adventure has begun

Blessings everyone,

Well, today Rick leaves for Florida and I am here in CT for 10 more days. Our new adventure has begun!. I am choosing to take the high road and engage with Spirit to co-create with Rick a magical, fun, abundant life.

I began the day in a sad, remote place inside but moved into the magic while meditating with Rick before he left. We had such a fun time in meditation and got such beautiful connection with co-creating our journey. I found my connection with Spirit again and the resonant field of love. I also found this writing from Mike Dooley that lifted me into the magic kingdom.

"When it comes to living the life of one's dreams, there are those who think they must go it alone; that they must be the early bird, know all the right people, and succeed by the sweat of their brow - and they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Then there are those who have read all the books, done all the workshops, and concluded that it's simply a matter of surrendering to a loving, conspiring Universe so that their life might be transformed by its magic - and they silently wonder why it hasn't.
The truth is, neither are we alone, nor is knowing about the Universe and its magic enough to manifest change. The first conclusion is as self-sabotaging as it is sad, and the second is a bit like knowing exactly where the secret treasure is buried, yet never bothering to dig for it.
Instead, the trick lies in knowing the difference between what one can, should and must do, versus what one can, should and must delegate to an all wise and capable Universe. Our part is the easy part.
We need only provide the spark to light the Universe's fire; to hoist up our sails so that they can be filled with its magical winds. Yet without offering these token efforts, without assisting in these modest ways, not only do we contradict our wish to live as fully as possible, but we slide ever further away from an infinite grace that tirelessly strives to sweep us off our feet, surround us with friends, and create the life we most want.
Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic is about using the gifts of thought, word and deed to harness this grace. It's about doing the least to get the most. Learning what “the truth” is, and then living it, so that the kingdom, the power, and the glory can be revealed before your very eyes, as you discover your holy place in creation - as a creator, yourself.
Slayer of dragons, matador of time and space, rightful heir to heaven on earth, it’s time to be living the life of your dreams."

I am living presence of the kingdom, the power, and the glory on this holy earth. I am the slayer of dragons, matador of time and space, rightful heir to heaven on earth and I choose to live my dreams and beyond. Join me!!!

The journey is ours,